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Digital Marketing

We help organizations create an online digital presence. By providing Digital Marketing services that focus on creating customer brand awareness, loyal customer programs and customer purchasing behaviour analysis reports.

We start by creating a customer discovery journeys, that focus on assessing online channels, customer programs and analyzing customer behaviour.

Organizing and implementing policies to collect, store and analyze data. Providing metrics that measure the effectiveness of our process Digital Marketing services, in creating an online digital presence that increases profits.

Digital Marketing Services

Generate Value from Customer Brand Awareness

Customer Brand Awareness – We educate and engage the public by developing customer discovery journeys. Which evaluate all the points of contact, a person has with a brand. Creating a journey, that educates and engages customers with your brand.

Assessing what online channels, have the biggest points of contact in promoting your brand. Engaging with your audience in segments, to increase your customer lifetime value.

Using customer discovery journeys, and customer lifetime value metrics. Measuring the impact customer brand awareness has, in generating value for your organization.

Improve your Loyal Customers ROI

Loyal Customer Programs – We help organizations, find and engage with their most loyal customers, to generate revenue. By analyzing current customers and their online communities, to create loyalty programs.

Your most loyal customers are the biggest advocates of your products and services. We implement and use, Net Promoter Score (NPS) to analyze who your most loyal customers are. Creating programs for customers with high NPS.

Implementing loyal customer programs, with NPS metrics to analyze, measure, and improve your organization’s loyal customers ROI.

Drive Customers Purchasing Behaviour

Customer Purchasing Behaviour Analysis – We help organizations understand what drives customers to make a purchase and increase revenue.

By analyzing past sales and customer buying journeys. In order to understand what actions and keywords, have the most impact on your business.

Using sales, customer buying journeys, and keyword ROI to measure understand, and update organizations on what drives customers purchasing behaviour.

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